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Creating and linking a new Case Study page

To add a new case study to the "Case Study" namespace, simply create a link with the following format:

[[Case_Studies:Your_Case_Study|The Name of Your Case Study Link]]

For example, to create a Lake Powell case study, you might create a link like this:

[[Case_Studies:Lake_Powell|Lake Powell Case Study]]

Save your edits and then click on the link and it will bring you to your new page where you can begin editing your case study.

Editing your case study

Use the following template for adding your CE-QUAL-W2 case study. The template includes wiki formatting, so you can simply copy and paste the template into the case study edit window. Feel free to modify the template for your particular needs.



==Project Overview==

==Model Applications==

==Report Link==

Linking your report

In order to create a link to a pdf file of your case study report, you must first log in. If you do not yet have an account, you need to set up an account and then log in. Once you've logged in, Click "Upload file" under the toolbox menu on the sidebar of the main page. This allows you to upload one of the following file formats: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ogg, zip, pdf, doc, xls. Once you have uploaded your file, give it an appropriate name. Since file names cannot be changed once they are uploaded, make sure you're happy with the name you've specified. In order to create a link to your file, simply follow this format:

{{pdf|Example PDF document.pdf|Example PDF document}}

or for a Word Document:

{{Word|Example Word document.doc|Example Word document}}

and similarly for an Excel spreadsheet or a compressed (zipped) file. Thus the general format is:

{{(pdf, Word, Excel, or zip)|DOCUMENT TITLE|HYPERLINK TEXT}}