CE-QUAL-W2 Legacy Roundtable

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Scott Wells' Caretaking List and Model Wishlist

Basic CE-QUAL-W2 Model ‘Caretaking’

Bug list – fix update – mechanism for review
Mechanism for dissemination of code and review of code changes
Model maintenance support mechanism
Model updates – to make model easier to use

  • Change I and K to RiverMile/RiverKM and Elevation, m
  • Remove dummy segments
  • Simplify input files: LPR, VPR, external head BC temp and water quality, bathymetry file

River Model Enhancements

  • Initial flow for model simulation
  • Trapezoidal geometry of vertical layers
  • Initial water surface calculation for model start

Hyporheic Flow
Channel Bottom Heating
Fish Bioenergetics Modeling + Fish “smart particle” movement + particle transport
Bio-energetics approach
Fish Bioenergetics Model

  • Parameters are a function of
    • size, age (allometry)
    • temperature
    • energy densities (predator, prey)
    • feeding duration, handling time
    • activity levels (swimming)
  • Consumption has prey availability component

Daily fish growth potential

  • For 30 minute timesteps:
    • Inputs are updated: temperature, stomach capacity, predator and prey distributions, feeding status, swimming speed & activity
    • Parameters are calculated
  • Daily:
    • growth is calculated from sum of the parameter values and mass is updated (Growth is calculated per cell, but is a function of starting mass)

Fish-Particle Transport Model

  • Random particle movement
  • Passive transport
  • Settling velocity
  • Fish behavior movement

Improvements in nutrient, algae, macrophyte algorithms

  • Variable algae stoichiometry of N, P, C
  • Floating macrophytes
  • Track P on Inorganic SS allowing desorption
  • Add NH3/NH4+ as derived variables


  • 3D Version

W2 Wish List of Additional Enhancements

PC version enhancements

  • 3rd party animation and visual tools for PC exe
  • Multiple processor parallel version
  • Need new PC compiler for exe release

Pre processor enhancements

  • Enhanced checks

Linux/Unix version

  • Multiple processor/parallel version

Source enhancements

  • Code optimization
  • Recovery from numerical instabilities
  • Particulate inorganic P – new state variable
  • Redo boundary segment numbering scheme
  • River model
    • Ice cover in rivers
  • Turbulence algorithm
    • Refine k-e
    • Add k-l model
    • Reynold’s analogy – eddy viscosity-eddy diffusivity a f(stability)
  • Implement simultaneous equation solver in release code
  • Sediment diagenesis
  • Sediment transport/dynamic bathymetry
  • Toxics
  • Shading algorithm –simplify data requirements