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Modeling Application: Eutrophication


The objective of this[1] study was to quantify the mass transport, thermal stratification, and water quality variations in the Te-Chi Reservoir (in the temperate climates) and the Tseng-Wen Reservoir (in the sub-tropical climates) in Taiwan using CE-QUAL-W2. More specifically, the model results were used to quantify the cause-and-effect relationship between nutrient loads and water quality in these two reservoirs.

Data Needs

Te-Chi and Tseng-Wen Reservoirs, Taiwan
  1. Initial Conditions
    • The initial conditions that were used in the model are not specified in the report.
  2. Boundary Conditions
    • Time variable main inflow
    • Inflow Temperatures
    • Water Quality: Dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, total phosphorous, ammonia, and nitrite/nitrate concentrations at the upstream ends of the main stem of the river. Additionally, concentrations of dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, and nutrients in the tributaries were incorporated.
    • Meteorological Data: Includes air temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and cloud cover

Monitoring Needs

  1. In-Pool/In-Situ Data
    • Water temperature profiles
    • Dissolved oxygen profiles
  2. Water Budget
    • Time-variable water surface elevation data

Te-Chi Reservoir: The water quality of Te-Chi reservoir has been routinely monitored during the past three decades, at a frequency of once a season since 1998. There are 15 water-quality sampling stations in the reservoir and its tributaries. Monitoring includes:

  1. Water temperature
  2. Dissolved oxygen
  3. Chlorophyll a
  4. Nutrients
    • Total phosphorous
    • Ammonia-nitrogen
    • Nitrite/Nitrate nitrogen

Tseng-Wen Reservoir: There are 16 water quality sampling stations within the reservoir and its nine tributaries. The water quality sampling monitoring has been conducted once a month since 1999. Water quality monitoring consists of the same parameters as is indicated for Te-Chi Reservoir.


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